Best A-kasse for a new R&D engineer contract in DK

I will start to work here in Denmark. R&D Engineer and I would like to get some advices about the best choice in my case. I got a permanent contract but the first 3 months are "trivial". What should I do? And paying A-kasse does not mean union is incl. or does it?
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congratulation with your contract here in Denmark.

As an R&D engineer I assume you will work with some kind of technology related stuff.

Traditionally engineers have been member of Akademikernes.

It is also good choise if you prefer an A-kasse who knows about your professional field. And also Akademikernes is one of the cheapest A-kasser you find.

So if you only want A-kasse you should go for Akademikernes.

Membership in Akademikernes does NOT include union.

Our answer get little more complicated if you also want Union and/or also consider to be secured more than what normal unemployment benefits ("dagpenge") gives you in case of unemployment. This is called "lønsikring". We have compared the different offers for lønsikring. As you can see also Akademikernes offers Lønsikring at a resonable price.

If you also want Union you have some choises:

  1. You could be member of the Union who is specialized within your professional field (IDA - visit website here).
  2. You could de member of a Union targeted higher educated people in general, but also engineers (Dansk Magisterforening (DM)). DM is connected with "MA A-kasse" and if you choose this we advice you to be member with both DM and MA A-kasse.
  3. You could choose one of the cheap "package deals" from the so called "Yellow Unions" - see a list here. "Det Faglige Hus" is a popular choice and have growth in memberships. Be aware that you don't get same service with thes - you get what you pay for... 

About your trial periode for first 3 months - normally people don't think about this. People normally apply for membership in A-kasse as soon as they got job, because you have to be member for one year before you can get benefits in case of unemployment.

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