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Hi, I have been a paid intern (10.000kr / month) for 15 months in Denmark and didn't apply for A-kasser because I didn't know it existed. I have now a 3 months contract in the same firm and about to start paying for A-kasser. I was wondering if I could have applied for A-kasser while I was an intern, and if yes if I could pay today the months necessary (9 months) to catch up and  get some support after these 3 months (since I read I had to pay for 1 year to get it). Thank you !
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you do not write what nationality you have. I assume in the following that you are from another EU country.

If you are from another EU-country we/you don't need to think about if you have proper working permit.

Because, when talking about A-kasse (membership, and getting unemployment benefits) the most important thing is that you have the right to work full time in Denmark.

When consider to be member of an A-kasse it is important to know that there are two main requirements before you can get unemployment benefits:

you must have had at least 52 weeks (1.924 hours) of work within the last three years and been a member of an unemployment insurance fund for at least one year. Only work performed on ordinary working conditions are counted in the 1.924 hours. I can not tell if your kind of paid work is on ordinary conditions - but don't think so.

I assume you have an ordinary contract now - and if thats true you can apply for membership.

You can NOT catch up for months by paying now.

If you are an EU-citizen then you can transfer rights (membership-period, workinghours etc) if you move to another EU-country. You can read more about this topic here: http://a-kasser.dk/transferring-unemployment-benefits/

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