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I have been unemployed and looking for a job for 6 months without success. So I am planning to move to another EU-country to study for a period, and then come back to Denmark to continue seeking a job with my CV improved and having more international experience. How is the process to pause receiving unemployment benefits? Is it done just reporting holidays?
I know that it is possible to receive up to 24 months of dagpenge during 3 years, so it is possible to take up to one year of holidays during the 3 years.
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You tell that you plan to study in another EU-country. If thats want you want then you can not be registered as unemployed in the danish A-kasse schema. Study is regarded as work. And also therefor you can not take pause from A-kasse. You can maybe change your status to a free study-membership - but ask your A-kasse about this. 

If you plan to have "holiday" for 1 year you should tell Jobcenter and A-kasse that you don't want to be registered as unemployed any longer. Then the A-kasse/Jobcenter don't care if you study, have vacation or working. You will be not any longer be registered as unemployed.

You can still be member of an A-kasse, but normally you should be memeber in the country where you live. You can only be member of A-kasse in one country at a time.

When you return to Denmark you must meet the normal conditions for entitlement to unemployment benefits. You can read more about these here.

But let's tell you about general rules for holiday allowance:

But you could also, as you suggest, only have holiday and still be registered as unemployed. As an unemployed you have the same rights as people with job to take holiday.
You must tell Jobcenter at latest 14 days before you holiday starts that you take holiday. The Jobcenter will report this to your A-kasse.
You can have up to 25 days/5 weeks of holiday.
You will not get unemployment benefits during your holiday, but you have some possibility to get "feriedagpenge".
Though you can only get feriedagpenge if you really have vacation. If you work or study (registerede as a student on a school) then you can not get feriedagpenge.

You earn the right to feriedagpenge/holiday benefits of the unemployment benefits your A-kasse has paid to you during the qualifying year. You can maximum "earn right" to get up to 25 days/5 weeks with feriedagpenge/holiday benefits, if you have received dagpenge/unemployment benefits for a full qualifying year.

You can read more about feriedagpenge/holiday allowance here. However this page explain the rules for employed people who work in Denmark for a danish employer.

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