If its written in my contract that I'll get 100kr pr hour but actually in the end they paid me 90 kr what should I do?

I asked in my school and they said to write to you. I had my job for three months, now I don't have it. Can I get any help from you or just an advice what should I do ?

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we do not give advice in these questions regarding individuel contracts. Our website www.a-kasser.dk is about generel advice and information.

If you are member of either an A-kasse and/or an Union (fagforening) you must contact them.

However we know there has been some cases before like yours - where citizens from other countries not get the salary they should according to their contract. The Union 3F have won some ot theses cases on behalf of some members.

If you are not member of either an A-kasse or Union you could try to contact Den Social Retshjælp. They offer free legal help and advice.

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