Study leave with benefits?

Is there a system in Denmark on study leaves, and if yes, what are the limitations: the length of the leave, income, study institution? Is there a time limit for how long one has to be a member of A-kasse before one can make use of these benefits? Are there differences between the different A-kasses

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Hi "J",

1. Study leave

there is no official system in Denmark on study leaves.
you have no claim or right to take leave from a job to study and keep the possibility to come back to the same job or receive unemployment benefits.
It is opposite the case of pregnancy, where both men and women can take leave here i Denmark and both be sure to come back to same job and also receive unemployment benefits during leave.

So to take study leave you must agree with your employer.

You can always quit job and start study - in this case you will receive the same amount in study-benefits that every student in Denmark gets (DKK 5.941/month before tax, if you live way from your parents).
Also international students can get this study-benefits if they study here in Denmark, but it is an additional requirement that they must have 10 hours of study-job/week (paid job is ok).
You can get study-benefits for up to 5 years.
You can read more about The Danish students' Grants and Loans Scheme here:

You can NOT get unemployments benefits from your A-kasse during study (if you participate in education which can provide study-benefits as mentioned above - and thats about 99% of alle educations in DK).

2. A-kasse membership

how long to be member for being eligible for unemployment benefits?
As earner/you have paid job: you must be member of an A-kasse for one year and have worked for 1.924 hours during the last 3 years.
As graduate: there is special rule for graduates. You have to sign up for a-kasse at latest 14 days after ending study. If you do that you can receive unemployments benefits one month after ending study.
If you have been member of an A-kasse at least the last year of your study (it is free for students) then you get benefits from DAY 1 after study.

3. Difference between different A-kasses?

regarding your rights to get unemploument benefits, the amount you get and the requirements herefor - it is stated in the law and is the same for all 26 A-kasser in Denmark.
Where Unemployment funds (A-kasser) differ from one another is the price, whether they are open to all, whether they also offer UNION together with A-kasse and whether they offer additional services in form of extra
insurance, network, help with cv and application, discounts with businesspartners etc.

Hope it helps you, please write again if not..

Best regards
Hi Anders,

Thank you for your quick reply. The applying for a study leave part itself is actually ok, I have job that allows me to take a leave and return to it without me having to quit.

I have a permanent, full time job in Denmark and I'm about to apply for a short study leave (to finish off my degree at University). I've always thought A-kasse is only about unemployment but now I was told otherwise, that A-kasse can grant also financial support during a study leave, hence these questions. Is that info correct? And if yes, what are the limitations:

- income (does it make a difference for how much I make the rest of the year)?

- the length of the leave (does it make a difference for how long I’m studying)?

- study institution (does it make a difference to which university I’m studying at)?

- membership time (is there a time limit for how long one has to be a member of A-kasse before one can make use of these benefits, similarly as there is for the unemployment benefits)?

Are there differences between the different A-kasses? Or is the unions that might support the study leave?

I’m, naturally, comparing to the system in Finland (where I’m from) where there is a system in place supporting adults going back to school for one reason or another:  “The Education Fund is a fund administered by the social partners of the Finnish labour market. Its purpose is to support employees' vocational studies by granting them financial assistance (Adult Education Allowance)”

So, I’m now wondering if there is anything similar in Denmark? Tried to search but couldn’t come up with anything useful and was then directed to you – if you’re a member of A-kasse you can get some help from there. And I don’t think I would qualify for SU because 1) this study period would be only for 4-6 weeks (plus some months working 4 days a week), so it’s not a case of full time studies, 2) I’m enrolled in Helsinki University and not in a Danish university and 3) I make too much to be within the SU income limit.

Best regards,

Hi J,

there is no system in Denmark like in Finland. This is explained here (in danish):
This means that nearly no matter what education you decide to participate in you can not at the same time get unemployment benefits or similar benefits.
There is (as mentioned on above site) few exceptions to this, where you can participate in some limited education in night/evening times, and some education for grownup who need to take
some primary school level/high shool education. BUT in your case where you are going to finish education at University level theres is no possibility to get unemployment benefits or similar.

And I am also agree with you that it seems that you can not be entitled to SU.

Hope it helps.


Hi Anders,

Thank you so much for your prompt reply – again! Yes, this helps a lot. Obviously, I was hoping for another kind of answer but at least now I know.

Best regards,