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I'm leaving Denmark 8th of February because I got the apartment to live in Iceland. The thing is, that it's necessary to be registered in the job center and also, have applied the PD U2 format least four weeks before departure. I will be graduated 27th of January, after that I will have 10days till my departure. Can I register into the job center now? And also ask to fill up the PD U2 form now? Thank you
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The rule tells that you have to register at jobcenter 4 week before departure and that was yesterday the last chance. If you not already have done do it now (today..).
(There are some exceptions. For example, if you are a citizen of the country you move to, or if you have a job interview at hand).

The application for a certificate PD U2 / E 303 DK we don't think need to be 4 weeks before. But before moving from Denmark. You have to get the application-form from your a-kasse (nomally they will have link on their homepage to application-form).

You should talk to your A-kasse/Jobcenter about your questions. This is complicated rules and also your indviduel situation can be taken into account when the A-kasse decide if you can take benefits with you to Iceland.

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