A-kasse if I have to leave the country

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I have a permanent contract with a Danish company in Denmark, so I have my residence permit based on that. I am not part of the EU.
If I lose my job and I don't find another one within the following 6 months, I have to leave the country.
My husband also works here, but in order to get his sponsorship for my residence permit, I have to be out of the country and it would take few month.
So what happens with my unemployment insurance?. Does it mean that I can get it for maximum 6 months or if I come back after few month with the sponsorship of my husband, can I start getting it again?

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I am not 100% sure about what you ask about, but I will try to answer.
Also we must tell you that this is complicated rules and we therefor under all circumstances will advice you to contact your A-kasse.
I assume that you will not be member of another A-kasse in the other country the few months you are outside Denmark.
As an NON EU-citizen you can not get benefits the period you are outside Denmark.
But you can keep your membership with your A-kasse here in Denmark.
If you work during your stay in another country and you have documentation you can use working-hours to meet the requirements for getting benefits.
To be entitled to unemployment benefits when you become unemployed, you must have had at least 52 weeks (1.924 hours) of work within the last three years and been a member of an unemployment insurance fund for at least one year.

If you change your home address to an address in other country when you are outside Denmark - then you have to talk to your A-kasse if this affect your rights.

With a residence permit you can only get benefits for the period your residence permit says you have right to stay in Denmark. This include 6 months after you get unemployed.

If you already get unemployment benfits when you leave Denmark, we think you can NOT start getting it again when you come back. This because when you are outside Denmark you
can not be seen as a person who is willing/capable to accept offers of employment, which is one of the requirements for being entitled to benefits.  

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