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27th of January 2016, I will be graduate and I would like to move and look for a job in Iceland,  is it possible to get benefits during 3 months in Iceland if I am a member of a-kasser?

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You have the opportunity to get unemployment benefits from your Danish unemployment fund with you abroad for up to three months if you are unemployed and wish to seek work in another EEA country, the Faroe Islands or Switzerland.

The conditions are that:
You are citizen in another EEA-country.

You live and stay in Denmark until the day of departure.

You are member of an A-kasse.

You are entitled to unemployment benefits at the time when you travel.(you will be as graduate).

Be registered with your local job center for at least four weeks immediately before your departure. (There are some exceptions. For example, if you are a citizen of the country you move to, or if you have a job interview at hand).

Have applied for a certificate PD U2 / E 303 DK before moving from Denmark. You have to get the application-form from your a-kasse (nomally they will have link on their homepage to application-form).

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