kindly request

i want to register
A kasser in denmark .. these days i have part time job so soon i will have full time job too. so what can i do ? please if you write me details about email .it will be so great help from your side .
thanks very much .
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For people only work parttime it is possible to be only parttime member of an A-kasse.
BUT if you soon will have fulltime job then we suggest that you apply for full membership in an A-kasse.
If you only want economic security regarding getting unemployment benefits in case of unemployment then we suggest you choose the cheapest A-kasse. Looke here:
When you click on the A-kasse logo you will be directed to online application form.

If you want A-kasse+Union then you can find the cheapest offers here:

You do not tell us your jobprofession and/or if you have some education.

We need that information if you want us to suggest a particular A-kasse for you.

Best regards.
thanks very much . well, i have 2 job with diffrent company it all around 130 hour so can start to pay a kasse ? what is your idea ?it will be so great to hear from your side . thanks

You can always sign up to be member and start paying to the A-kasse.
You can also free chosse between be full-time or part-time member, BUT the the most important for you
is how much you can get in unemployment benefits if you get umployed.
To get benefits as fulltime member you must have had at least 1.924 hours of work during the last 3 years.

But be aware although you are entitled to benefits as a fulltime member, it dosn't mean that you always can get the max. amount payed.

It depends on how much you have worked the last 3 months up til you get unemployed.

As a fulltime member there must be registered at least 320 hours work in the calculating-period.

Best regards