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I would like to ask you something regarding the unemployment benefit.
For example, if I am become unemployed and start receiving unemployment fund from my a kasse company, will I need to pay a tax on that amount. Thank you
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yes you will have to pay tax like it was salary from a paid job.
BUT if you only receive unemployment benefits (dagpenge) your tax will be at the lowest rate.

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Thank you very much for a quick response!
Dear Anders,

I would like to ask one more thing regarding the unemployment benefits. If I become unemployed and find a part time job (20 hours for example) with approximately salary 15.000 dkk (brutto), will I receive any unemployment benefits since I am missing 17 hours to have a full time Job.  



Yes, you can have part time work and at the same time get supplementary unemployment benefits (less than normal full benefits).

You must ask your A-kasse about the detailed rules about supplementary unemployment benefits.

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