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I'm about to sumbit my Ph.D. thesis (~January 2015) and my contract with Aarhus University will expire on the 31-st of December 2015. Am I eligible to get A-Kasser benefit afterwards if I didn`t pay participation fee?

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as an Ph. get salary from the University.
So if you should be eligible to get unemployment benefits from an A-kass as an employee, you must have been member for one year and have worked (you have..)
for at least 1924 hours during the last 3 years.

BUT you can still get unemployment benefits as an graduate. You will (only) get 80% of the normal benefits-rate, but you get it even if you have not been member
in an A-kasse. BUT remember to sign up for membership AT LEAST 14 days after finish your Ph. D.
However you can apply for membership now - it is free untill you are finished with Ph. D.
read more about rules for graduate here:

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Dear Anders,

Thank you for the fast response! I signed up for ma-kasse. I have one further question. When can I actually start getting the benefit: from the point when my job contract as a Ph.D. student expires or when I submit my Ph.D. thesis? As long as I have an unpaid extention, these dates will be different for me.

because you have not been member in an A-kasse before now, then you will not get benefits the first month after finish Ph.D.
Your Ph.D will be considered finished when your thesis is approved. If it not have to be approved, then you finish when you submit your thesis.
You can under no circumstance get unemployment benefits when your job contract expires, because you are not eligible for benefits according to normal rule
for employees. You must use rule as graduate.

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