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Im Indian doing masters in Civil & Structural Engineering, Aalborg University(Esbjerg). I will be completing my studies on June2016 and have a residence permit till the end of December2016. So I was wondering can I apply for this unemployment benefit as I have the 6 months stay after my graduation.
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as a non-EEA graduate you don't have the same right to get unemployment benefits as if you were coming from an EEA-country.

BUT you can still (under some conditions) being eligible for unemployment benefits. Please read our article targeted non-EEA graduates and their rights to unemployment benefits.

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You will not being able to get unemployment benefits from day 1 after ending study, because you have not been (free) student member of an A-kasse for at least 1 year. But you can sign up from 6 monts before finish study. Its free membership until you graduate. When you apply (you can do this online) tell the A-kasse that you want status as graduate.
You can get benefits from 1 month after ending study and as long you have residence and working permit (to work full time/37 hours per week). This means for non-EEA graduate normally only in summermonths june, july and august.

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