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I worked at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) as a PhD student between 2011-2014. Due to my PhD program,I had to work in the Netherlands.Now I am back to Denmark. Although I am not employed by UCPH,I am still a registered PhD student.I live in Cph but I am registered in NL. Can I pay for A-Kasser?
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I think you can always pay for A-kasser, BUT it will only make sense if you can get rights to unemployment benefits.
As long as you are not working there is no reason for apply for membership of an A-kasse.
But if you stay in Denmark and get a job you are eligible to become member of an A-kasse.
It dosen't matter that you are registered in NL as long as you work in Denmark.

You have to member for 1 year and also have had normal paid work for 1 year before you are eligible for unemployment benefits.
We assume you have not been member of an A-kasse last time you were in Denmark.

There are other rules if you are active student (following a study for at least duration of 18 months, se here for students:

Hi again
after sending you answer yesterday we was thinking that you write that you are registered in NL.
If you thereby mean that you are registered to an Unemployment Fund (A-kasse) in NL, then you should know that you as an EU-citizen is able to transfer you rights about membership period and working-hours to the danish A-kasse.
If thats the case then you should talk with an danish A-kasse about that.

Dear Anders,

Thank you very much for your elaborate answers and for all the information.

Regarding the transfer of my rights from the Dutch unemployment fund to Denmark, actually I am Turkish, do you think that it might still be possible for me to transfer funds as a non-EU citizen?

I understand that my 3 year employment in Denmark (in which I was not a member of any A-kasse) in the past does not allow me to be eligible for getting unemployment benefits. It does not make sense for me to become a member at the moment, as I will not be able to get unemployment benefits, even if I pay for A-Kasse (in case I start paying from now). Is this correct?

I checked the website of Akademikernes A-kasse and it seems like PhD is considered as an employment and not as an education.
In this case, I understand that I cannot become a member as a student in any A-kasse. Is this correct?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,
Hi P

We think there should be no difference - there is an agreement between the EU-countries that righst can be transfered between EU-countries.
So as we see it, if you have been member in NL then these rights should be possible to transfer to Denmark.
But you mention you have never been member of an danish A-kasse. Then there is further restrictions, for example you must have work
in Denmark to become member and you have to work at least 296 hours within the first 12 weeks/3 months.

BUT the rules are very detailed in this area, AND we are not experts. Our website is mostly a price comparison site.

We strongly advice you to contact the A-kasse you wish to join and ask them.

As we read your mails you are NOT working in Denmark now.
If you work as an PhD then its true it can be seen as either study or paid work.
So if you get salary now from KU I think you just should join A-kasse. Then hope they will transfer some of your rights.

Otherwise you must wait one year (one year membership and 1 year work) to be eligible for benefits.

You can not become member as a student because you have finished you PHD-program in 2014. You have to start on a new education
if you want to be free member as a student.

Best regards