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I am a 26 year old Romanian student that started a masters in September this year.
My questions is this: If I have a job from January, and I work 15 hours/week (The limit for students) and pay unemployment for this every month, after 1,5 or 2 years am I entitled to unemployment?
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If you have a student residence permit (only non-EU/EAA citizens) in order to participate in and complete higher education in Denmark, you also have a residence permit for 6 additional months after the end of the study.

You can get unemployment benefits from day 1 after you finish education if you have been member (its free for students) for at least the last year before finish study.
If you have not been member you can receive benefits from 1 month after finish study.

This is according to the special rules for graduates. Please be aware about the 2-week deadline. Please also read carefully our guide here:

and our guide for students here:

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