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Hello Madame/Sir,

I am currently a member of FTF-A, I have been living in Denmark for more than 2 years and I recently received my Master's degree from Aalborg University.

I was wondering if I am eligible for A-kasse from FTF-A with my establishment card?

Thank you

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if you have completed a study in Denmark for at least 18 months (3 semestre), you will be eligible for getting unemployment benefits according to the special rule for graduates. Please read carefully about how to apply here: This is the case for EEA-students graduating in Denmark. For non-EEA students graduating here in Denmark, see our special article about their rights to get unemployment benefits as graduates.

BUT You mention you have "establishment card". If you have applied for and received establishment card after the new rules from 01.01.2015 You CAN NOT
at the same time receive unemployment benefits, but instead you can stay here for up to two years with no special conditions other that you have to earn money you need yourself.

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