Part-time job but no frigørelsesattest: can I still get benefits?


I hope my questions are relevant, I did not manage to find the answers in this Q&A.

I am going to graduate soon from my MSc (on September 6th). I may have the opportunity to have a job from September (the contract would start AFTER the 6th) to December. I think it won't be possible to get a frigørelsesattest. Let's assume this.

1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I guess I cannot get supplementary benefits since I cannot have a frigørelsesattest. First question: can I still get unemployment benefits from September to December, that would for example be the difference between what I would get if I was unemployed and the salary I will get from my job? Or do I also need a frigørelsesattest for this? In short: what can we get if we work part-time and cannot get a frigørelsesattest?

2. What if the contract starts BEFORE the 6th of September? (i.e. before I graduate?) Is the answer to my previous question still the same?

3. If I find a job starting from January 2021, do I also need a frigørelsesattest while I am working part-time from September to December to get benefits?

I hope my questions were clear.

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1) As a start of point you need this "frigørelsesattest" for being able to get supplementary benefits. However you don't need frigørelsesattest, if:

- your employment contract states that you do not have a notice of termination. If you are a loose employee, you usually have no notice of termination, or

- your reduced working hours can be placed at any time so that the working hours do not prevent you from taking over other work. This applies to e.g. if you organize your work yourself and do not have a duty to perform it at certain times.

You have to be approved for supplementary benefits ("supplerende dagpenge") by the A-kasse, and its only possible if you meet the above mentioned requirements. Otherwise its not possible to receive dagpenge at all, while at the same time having work.

2) Yes

3) Yes

All of our answers to your questions is based on the requirement saying that you must be 100% available for the labor market. And if you can not start any full time job with one day notice, then you do not meet this requirement.

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Thank you very much Anders!