Can I receive the graduate allowances (dimmitend dagpenge) ?


I am a Non-EU citizen who finishes a master degree in Denmark.  I look at the website (SIRI)  and that I am not allowed to receive graduate allowances (dimmitend dagpenge) under the establishment card scheme.  

However, I ask some friends that you can receive the graduate allowances if you have a full-time work permit. It is kind of ambiguous.  Therefore, for double-checking, can I receive the graduate allowances (dimmitend dagpenge) if I hold the establishment card?

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It is a requirement for that specific kind of residence/work permit (Establishment Card) that the individual do not receive dimittend-dagpenge. I think it should also be written in the Establishment Card itself.

But if a non-EU graduate have another permit type, which allows the person to stay and work full-time in Denmark, and take any job with one day notice, then the person can receive dimittend-dagpenge (if he/she off course meet the requirements for graduate rights).

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