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I graduated last Thursday (25th), day after I registered myself as unemployed on jobnet, uploaded my CV which is being reviewed now and filled a form on aka website. I have a question/ what should I do know? Should I wait for an acceptance? Should I start filling job blog already?Thank you in advance for the answer
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I think this is a question, that you should ask AKA about. Its best to ask them directly, then you are sure you do the nessasary to be able to receive dagpenge.

But what you need to do depend on whether you have been member at least 1 year before graduation (no waiting period), or not. In case you do not have the 1-month waiting period, then you can receive dagpenge from the day you registered as unemployed on, and in that case you must do the things that an unemployed on dagpenge must do (seek job, fill out joblog etc), and you must do it starting from the day you have registered as unemployed. You should not wait for acceptance.

However if you have the 1 month waiting period, then you dont need to do anything in that month.

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