How long does a transfer from one a-kasse to another take?

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So my situation is the following:
I timed my transfer very poorly. Right before my graduation I requested to be transferred from an a-kasse I’ve been a member of for more than a year, to another one.

My problem is I have one more week to complete the forms that I’m a graduate and everything else I need to be able to receive dagpenge. Should I complete these forms for my old a-kasse or wait til the transfer is done and complete for my new a-kasse? I’m worried that my membership will not be transferred in that 14 day period after I graduate...
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when you do a transfer from one A-kasse to another you are member in the new A-kasse from the day you have applied. How much time the A-kasse use to process the transfer is not relevant for you.

So you must register as graduate/change status to graduate in the new A-kasse at latest 14 days after graduation.

If you already have access to the new A-kasse's online self-service solution you should change to graduate status there. If you don't have online access to the new A-kasse yet, I will recommend you to write/call your new A-kasse and tell them that you want to be registered with graduate-status.

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