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if I receive an offer for a job outside of Denmark what should I do with my a kasse (akademikernes)? Can I still be a member so in case I lose my job I will still be eligible for unemployment benefits in Denmark? And if the job starts in 2 months am I required to send applications until I leave from Denmark? Do I need to show some kind of proof that I found a job?
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whether you can keep membership of a danish A-kasse when getting a job in another country, depends on which country it is that you will have to work in.

If you get a job in another EU/EEA country then you need to cancel your membership in the danish A-kasse, and get insured with your new EU-country's unemployment Insurance Scheme. Remember that you must be insured in your new EU-country within 8 weeks after you have ceased to be insured in the danish A-kasse.

If your new job is in a non-EU/EEA country then you can keep your membership with the danish A-kasse.

When you have a job-contract for a new job, you do not need to search for job the last 6 weeks up to the day you have to start the new job/stops receiving dagpenge.

The A-kasse will tell what kind of proof they need, but a job-contract will be fine I think.

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Anders Weber,
Thank you for your answer. So since the job is in another EU/EEA country then I need to cancel my membership in the danish A-kasse. Does this mean that if I lose my job I cannot return to Denmark and continue getting the unemployment benefits until I find another job?
when moving between EU/EEA countries you can transfer your acquired rights from Unemployment Insurance between the countries. So for example if you will work for 1 year in the other country and if you have been insured against unemployment in that country, then you will meet the requirements for getting dagpenge when returning to Denmark, bcause the membership-period as well as job/earnings from the other EU/EEA-country will count if you come back to Denmark and sign Up for danish A-kasse again.
Also your graduate rights will be available up to two years after graduation. So if you lose your job in the other EU/EEA-country before you have worked enough to meet the requirements for dagpenge, then you can alway get dagpenge as graduate.

If you return to Denmark after more than 5 years, you need to have 296 hours of work in Denmark before you can transfer rights from the unemployment Insurance from another EU/EEA-country.

Read more here about transfering rights:

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