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I have question regarding transfering unemployment benefits to another EU conutry. I was away from Denmark for more a year because lf the internship and because of that, my residence permit lapsus. I got back to Denmark on time in order to register on jobnet and fill out all of the neccessary forms. However, i would like to transfer my benefits as soon as possible to another EU conutry. Currently i live in rented apartment (apartment i had before internship, which i have subrented during the period abroad), but i have not applyed for new residence permit as self supported. I haven't done this because when i tranfer benefits i will have to give up my address in Denmark anyway, which means my residence permit lapsus again. My question for you is: do i need to get residence permit before applying for U2 form?
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I am not sure I fully understand your current status. But for being able to transfer unemployment benefits, when searching for job in another EU-country for up to 3 months, you must be eligible for Unemployment benefits ("dagpenge"), this means you must meet all the requirements for being eligible for dagpenge.

I assume that you are an EU-citizen, because otherwise you can not transfer dagpenge to another EU-country. The residence card you get as an EU-citizen is not nessasary for being able to work in Denmark. In this way you can also receive dagpenge, because you are available for the labor market.

The EU-residence card is not nessasary for applying for dagpenge, or PD U2 form.

EU-citizens are free to move between the EU-countries and work without special work-permit. The EU residence card is only a proof of these rights. However its good to get the EU-card because you need to show it to the kommune if you want to have a CPR-nr. and healtinsurance-card.

So, if you meet the requirements for being able to transfer dagpenge to another EU-country, then you can apply regardless of you have a EU-residence card.

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