Am I entitled to receive the dagpenge?

I am foreign student (Slovak) about to finish my master's programme in Denmark. I have been part of a-kasse organization for the whole time of my education (5 years). However, last year in July I have cancelled my address in Denmark, since I had an internship in another country for autumn semester and in this semester I had no reason to come to Denmark due to corona and everything being online, including my exams. I have received a word from my a-kasse organization that I need to have an address in Denmark within 14 days since completing my education. Therefore I would like to ask the following:
Is it allright that I register myself with an physical address in Denmark since 1st of July and in the same day I'll ask for my dagpenge? (the completion is expected on 23/06, however I am afraid if the authorities will take longer to give me some confirmation of address and I won't be eligible anymore if I miss the deadline)
Am I entitled to continue receiving dagpenge if I will ask for that exception and PD-U2 document and leave Denmark by the end of July (provided I won't find the job meantime) and will continue to receive it while looking for job in Slovakia? Or is there some minimum requirement I need to be physically in Denmark until I can ask for such exception?

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it is not the registration of address that is crucial in relation to A-kasse, but instead the fact that you actually stay/live in Denmark.

For being able to get dagpenge you must stay/live in Denmark, because you must be available for the danish labor market, and be able to take any job with one day notice and attend meetings in jobcenter and A-kasse.

If there will be a delay in the processing of your address registration, it will not be a problem in relation to A-kasse, if you just can prove in another way that you actually stay/live in Denmark, for example if you have an tenant-agreement.

It is up to the A-kasse what kind of proof they want from you, so I can not say exactly what is enough to prove that you actually stay in Denmark, but as mentioned an tenant-agreement would be enough.

Before you use the rule about 3 months jobsearch with dagpenge in another EU-country you must meet all the requirements for being eligible for dagpenge, and you must have been registered as unemployed at Jobcenter/ for at least 1 week if you go to your home-country, or 4 weeks if you go to another EU-country. So, how long you must have stayed in Denmark before you use the 3-month rule depends on what country you go to search for job in.

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