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I am an international student from an EU country and I am about to graduate with a Masters degree at the end of this month. I have not been a member of any A-kasse so far, but I'm about to enroll into the one of my choice these upcoming days. I also have a part-time job, which however can not sustain me after graduating since I will no longer receive SU. I would therefore like to quit this job and search for a full-time one, that is also related to my studies. However, it is possible that I am only able to terminate my current work contract in the middle or even end of next month. Furthermore, I understand that I have a 2 weeks deadline for becoming an A-kasse member after graduation, for being able to start receiving dagpenge without a 1 year delay.
My question is, would the fact that I have stopped working at my part-time job after the two weeks deadline obstruct me from starting to receive dagpenge, given that I have become a member of my A-kasse of choice before the deadline?
Furthermore, would the fact that I am voluntarily resigning from my part-time job be an issue?
Thanks in advance!
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it is important that you have terminated and actually stopped working in your part-time job BEFORE you apply for dagpenge as a graduate. Because otherwise you will be regarded as self-inflicted unemployed, and get a quarantine for 3 weeks, where you will not receive dagpenge.

It is not a problem to sign up for A-kasse and get graduate status registered in A-kasse, even if you have job. The registration in A-kasse/graduate rights will not be affected by the fact that you work on the day you get registered in A-kasse. It is only relevant whether you work or not, on the day you apply for dagpenge - in that case you will be in risk to get the quarantine of 3 weeks, and you can off course not receive dagpenge for the days you work/have income.

It is very important that you get registered with graduate-status at latest 14 days after graduation, regardless of you have stopped working or not. This will give you the right to begin to receive at any point during the next two years. As a graduate you do not need to meet other requirements.

You must decide with your self what you want to do about your part-time job, but as mentioned you will probably get the 3 week quarantine (voluntary/self-inflicted) its depend on a calculation I think, to decide what is best in your case.

Another option could be to keep the part-time job and get supplementary benefits. We will recommend you to talk with the A-kasse about this after you have signed up, in case it is an interesting option for you.

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