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God morning,
I am a student in Dania Academy and I would like to apply to A kasser but I am not sure what I have to do.
Could you send me some tips or give me office address in the Randers.
I will be grateful
best regards
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Hi W

as student it is free of cost to become member of an "A-kasse" (Unemployment fund).
You can be member with no cost for you as long as you are student.
And if you (we do not hope..) do not get a job after finish your education you can receive
"dagpenge"/money from the danish state. But only if you have been member at least
one year before ending study.

You do not mention the exact study you follow, but if it is an higher education, I will
recommend you to be member of "MA A-kasse". Go to the formular on MA A-kasses website here:

Another choice could be
"CA A-kasse" -

Both of these are for students and people with some higher education.

You just have to follow the above link and fill out the formular.
Please notice that the fomular can be more than one page. Click "næste"/next to go to next part.

After that you will receive email-confirmation from the A-kasse.

Best regards
Hi Anders,
Thank you for your answer. I have two questions yet.
 It doesn't matter that I am in AP degree now? it is still for free?
And next question :) How it looks the conditions when I have contract 15 hours per week (part time job max 60h /months)? I will have to pay something to the A- kasser?

Kind regards,
Hi W
I understand that AP degree is the first 2 years. And that you now is studying for bachelor?
Then you will still be eligible for free membership.

About next question:
your total income from employment, SU, SVU or similar may not exceed the maximum benefit rate (211,900.00 kr.).
It seems according to your information that you do not have income over 211.900 kr., so you will still
be eligible for free membership.

I dont know your age, but you should know that the above guidelines is only if your are under 30 year old.

If you are older than 30 year I will recommend you to contact one of the A-kasser directly and ask them.
In this case it will still be possible to have free membership, but there are some special rules.

Hope this will help you.