Graduate from a joint degree with first year started in another country

Hi, I would like to know whether I fulfill the requirements for dagpenge as a newly graduate from a joint degree program.  I am currently residing in Lyngby and I will graduate from DTU (and Aalto university) at the end of July 2020.
Overall, my education lasted 2 years, with the first year spent in another nordic country, and the second year completed at DTU. I was in Denmark at least one day before the official start of my education _in Denmark_ (which lasted two semesters).
According to this, do I qualify for dagpenge, even though I was not here at the beginning of the 2 years of Masters?
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no you do not meet the requirements for dagpenge from a danish A-kasse.

The requirements says that you must complete an education of at least 18 months/3 semestre, and that you stayed/lived in Denmark right before the start (of the 18 months education) and again at latest 2 weeks after graduation.

This means that it is ok to complete the education in another country than Denmark, but you can not - like you have - start the education in another country and (only) finish the education in Denmark.

If you have completed a bachelor in Denmark before starting master, and you were living in Denmark before starting the bachelor, and if you have not used graduate rights in A-kasse based on the bachelor, then there is a chance that the bachelor and master can be regarded as one full education. If thats the case, then I will recommend you to ask an danish A-kasse about your right to dagpenge.

Whether you have right to Unemployment benefits as graduate in Finland, is depending on the local finish unemployment insurance legislation.

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