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Hi:) So currently I am doing an AP degree (which I will graduate from in june 2021) and I plan to do the top-up after (starting late august). However I will get final response whether I am admitted to the top up on 8 July so more than 14 days after graduation. Can I change my status and recieve dagpenge just for this one month when I don't know if I am admitted (and countinue if I am not)? or change status for student  or cancel membership after 1 month if it turnes out that I am admitted? Or what would be the best solution in such case?
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if the two parts (AP and Top-Up) can be regarded as an "overall education" and the AP is a condition for being able to continue on the Top-Up, there is a special rule in the in the legislation (§ 32 in rådighedsbekendtgørelsen), where it says, that a person only can get unemployment benefits in an unemployment period between two parts of a "overall education", if

  • the unemployment period is more than 4 weeks
  • the unemployment period must not be due to holiday on the education institution
  • the person is not be paid salary or SU in the period

Furthermore it is off course a condition that the person is full available for the labor market, when receiving dagpenge.

I will say that your situation fall within §32, and therefore you can not get dagpenge in the period (july-august) between the AP and Top-Up because the period is only because of holiday at the school.

Best regards,

Anders Weber,

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