Am I eligable for A-kasse membership and dagpenge after graduation ?

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I am an EU-citizen, graduate student at SDU and I will most likely graduate in October 2020.
One of the prerequisites for A-kasse membership is having "had a permanent address in Denmark no later than one day before the start of your education."  I got accommodation through the "guaranteed accommodation" scheme my university runs. The lease began on 15 September 2018. I signed,finalized and paid for the room earlier than the start of the semester which was 3 September 2018. I also arrived in Odense on the 1 September 2018 and stayed in a university-organized hotel until the 15 September 2018, all of which is documented.
I got registered with the municipality one or two days into the first week of study, since I arrived on the weekend.
Can my circumstances be therefore read as meeting the relevant standard for membership in an A-Kasse?

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"a permanent address" does not mean that you need to have a tenant-agreement with your own appartment/accomodation. You just have to stay in Denmark. So stays at hotel, with friends or other is fine, as long as you can prove that you stayed in Denmark when starting the education.

The time you get registered with the municipality is not important in relation to the A-kasse/unemployment benefits.

So according to the information you have given us, you should be able to get unemployment benefits ("dagpenge") after the graduate-rule.

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