If you lose your job before 12 months of membership

Theoretical case question.
I'm a EU citizen and been a member of A-kasse for the past 6 months.
If I were to lose my job right now, I understand I will not be eligible for dagpenge because I've not been an employed member for consecutive 12 months. If I find another job after (let's say) 5 months, will it start calculating the 12 month necessary period from the beginning or will it take into consideration prior 6 months of employed membership?
I think basically the question is whether there is any point in keeping (and paying) the A-kasse if you lose employment prior to reaching 12 months.
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if you get unemployed now, and keep your membership during the period with unemployment (regardsless of the fact that you can not get unemployment benefits/dagpenge), then the full period will be included in calculating whether the 1 year membership requirement has been meet.

But You must understand that beyond the 1-year membership requirement, there is also the income-requirement. It will always take at least 1 year with income to meet the income-requirement. Only income from periods with A-kasse membership can be counted - but income from up to three years back in time can be included.

So in your case, it means that if you have worked 6 months when you lose your job, you will have to have income for further 6 months before you can get dagpenge.

So if you only have worked for example for 2 months when you lose your job, I would say there was no idea to continue A-kasse, but instead sign up again when you find a new job.

However in your case you have 6 months work/membership, that can be used in meeting the requirements, so I would keep the membership if I was you.

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Anders Weber, www.a-kasser.dk