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I had a contract of 96 hours per month so i had registered for part time akasse. i work for 2 years and 8 months .Now i have been terminated giving one month notice i.e 30th April.When shall i apply for dagpenge and how much amount can i receive per month?

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in the notice-period you are not considered as unemployed in the terminology of A-kasse.

On your first day of actual unemployment 1st May 2020 you must register as unemployed at Jobnet.dk.

After 1st May you also must log in to your A-kasse's selfservice and fill out a declaration of unemployment. By doing this you apply for Unemployment benefits ("dagpenge") in the A-kasse.

As a part-time insured you will get 90% of your previous salary, but maximum DKK 12.722 per month. There is no minimum amount.

You can only get dagpenge if you meet all the requirements. This also include that you as a non-EU citizen must have the right residence- and workpermit.
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