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Hello! Is it possible to have the Danish course paid or partially paid by the Jobcenter or Union?
I need to mention that I'm a 2019 graduate who was on an exchange programme in Denmark in 2015 for 4 months and was registered then at the Sprogcenter. After the 4 months spent in Denmark I went back to my country  and returned to Denmark continue my education in 2017, but I didn't join the Danish course. I want to start learning the language now, but apparently, my Danish language education expired and I need to pay the course weekly (510kr/week).
I would like to know if it's possible to get benefits from the Jobcenter or Union.
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I am sorry but this is a topic that we are not experts in. It is out of the scope of what we give advice about.

However I have heard that the fee for language courses will be canceled from July 1, 2020, as part of the finance Act for 2020.

I will recommend you to talk with the kommune or Jobcenter about this.

If you are unemployed, there is a possibility that the A-kasse will grant you some education as part of your "jobplan". But I am not sure if this also included language-courses.

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