Am I eligible to receive graduate dagpenge ?

Hi, I am a student of masters and the total course duration was two years with 120 ECTS. I have completed my 90 ECTS but unexpectedly I did not pass the thesis that is why I have to submit my thesis paper again after 3 months. I already used 24 SU clip and now I will not get SU anymore. But I am maintaining my akasse since 2015. Now my Question is that, am I eligible to receive dagpenge? If I enrolled to receive graduate dagpenge than will it be any problem in future?
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to be eligible for dagpenge as a graduate, you must complete a education with a duration of at least 18 months (3 semestre/90 ECTS). Your education is not completed as long as you have not got your thesis approved.

So at the moment you can not receive dagpenge. However you can try to see if you can get your thesis pre-approved as soon as you think its possible for you. A pre-approval should be enough to apply for dagpenge in the A-kasse.

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