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I've recently graduated a 3-years (36 months) bachelor, and I just realized that I received my residence permit 1 week after I started education(I was in Denmark 2 weeks before starting education).

Does that mean that I am not eligible for A-kasser?

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We have tried everything we can to find exact answer of your question, but we are not sure about your rights.
The criteria is that you have residence and stay in Denmark immediately before the start of the education.
But we dont know if that mean you need to have residence permit.

Our service is not to answer more specific questions - we dont have expertise to do that - our website/company should be seen more as an comparison of the different A-kasser and help to choose.

If you are not already member of an A-kasse remember to be that at latest 14 days after ending your education.

Maybe you could call the A-kasse you have decided to be member of and ask them about your rights - before you apply for membership.

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