Is the residence requirement going to be removed in febraury?

I'm an italiam citizen graduating in january, I also have been working over the past 3 years in Denmark and I have also being member of an a-kasse, however I havent reside in europe 6 out of the 12 years, but I read they will scrap this rule in febraury, so can I still get akasse or not because the rule is removed 2 weeks after I graduate in january?
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the residence requirement will be removed from 1st February 2020.

However, if you apply for unemployment benefits before 1st February 2020, you must meet the residence requirement.

But you can get registered with your graduate rights on the day of graduating (mid January) - it is very important you get your graduate status registered at latest 14 days after graduation, and then just wait until February 1 to apply for Unemployment benefits ("dagpenge").

But try to ask your A-kasse if there is any way to get dagpenge already from the graduate date.

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