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Hi, I was self employed having an Aps company together with my husband, he is the director and I was hired as the Store Manager, I have an employment contract from lawyer to document our status.  I have had the company for 5 years.  Initially we could afford to have salary but had to stop for a few years as it was difficult.  Last year oct 2018 I begin to give myself salary but we closed our company in Oct this year thinking I have been on Salary for 1 full year and I have earned enough ( 233376 dkk) to be eligible for dagpenge.  They denied my rights to dagpenge as they claimed they cannot look at the salary earned this year as it is not the end of financial year?  Can this be correct?
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yes it is correct, what the A-kasse tells you.

Income from self-employed activity can only be used when it appears in the completed annual statement ("Årsopgørelsen").

This is stated in "Bekendtgørelse om indkomst- og beskæftigelseskravet for ret til dagpenge" §3, stk. 1, nr. 3:

En virksomheds skattemæssige overskud før renter og andre finansielle poster, herunder A-indkomst udbetalt til ejeren af et selskab, hvor ejeren har afgørende indflydelse, som fremgår af årsopgørelsen...

og igen af §5, stk. 1, nr. 4:

A-indkomst udbetalt til en ejer af et selskab, hvor pågældende har afgørende indflydelse, indhentes fra medlemmets afsluttede årsopgørelser i optjeningsperioden.

And finally again in §17, stk. 2:

A-indkomst udbetalt til ejeren af et selskab, hvor ejeren har afgørende indflydelse, kan først medregnes til opgørelsen af beskæftigelseskravet på det tidspunkt, hvor indkomsten fremgår af årsopgørelsen.

If the member's final completed annual statement is not available at the time of calculation whether or not the member meets the income requirement then the A-kasse cannot count the income from this.

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