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Hi. I'm an european citizen getting the dagpenge as new graduated here. I'm currently unemployed but actively seeking jobs. I was wondering if
1) Would it be possible to stop my dagpenge and go on vacation(without working, also i'm talking about vacation around the World and outside of EU) for 4-5 months keeping my rights to get the dagpenge when i will be back ?
2) If i get a job in Denmark and i decide to quit after 2-3 months, because i don't like it, then would it be possible to get the dagpenge(in my case as new graduate) ?
Thank you
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Your right to receive dagpenge for a 2 year period based on your graduation is valid for 3 years. So you must use your 2 year period with dagpenge within a reference period of 3 years.

1) when you are on dagpenge, you are free to take as much holiday (in any country you like), BUT you can off course not get dagpenge for the holiday period. You must inform Jobcenter (Jobnet.dk) at latest 14 days before starting holiday.

2) If you decide to quit a job yourself, you will get a quarantine for 3 weeks, because of self-inflicted unemployment. But depsite from that, you will continue on dagpenge, where you left, before you got the job. Its still the same dagpenge-period (as new graduate) you will be using.

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Anders Weber, www.a-kasser.dk