Turning down a job from Jobcenter.

I've been on unemployment benefits for 1 year now as a graduate from Marketing Management. Jobcenter is offering me a warehouse job which I do not like. What can happen if I turn down the job offer from them in this case ? Can they stop my benefits ?
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The Jobcenter must take into consideration your specific situation, when they offer you jobs. This could be special family-situation, distance from home to job and other practical things.

However there are no rules saying that the Jobcenter only must offer you jobs which are normal for your educational level.

So in this case you will have the risk to lose your right to dagpenge. In first place/first time you refuse you will normally get a 3 week suspension, but if you refuse a job offer for the second time, you will permanently lose your right to dagpenge, and can only get dagpenge again after having worked 300 hours witin 3 months or having had an income of at least DKK 233.376 kr. (i 2019) in one year income.

So I will strongly recommend you to ask JobCenter/A-kasse about consequences before you refuse job offers.

You could maybe try to find something your self - like business practise - that suits you better. The Jobcenter/A-kasse will normally accept if you find something your self.

Best regards,

Anders Weber, www.a-kasser.dk