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I am a master student at University of Copenhagen and I live in the city the last two years. Actually, I am planning to graduate in the beginning of the new year and I have some questions that I am not sure about their answer!

1) Actually, I have not signed at any A-kasse service yet, so I guess as I will graduate in two months, I will receive my first payment one month after my graduation. Is this right?

2) Being a master student at the field of physics, which A-kasse service, do you think is more suitable in my education?

3) Furthermore, I am planning to move in a new home soon, so I will have a new address when I will be near the finish of my studies. Do you think this will affect my eligibility to receive the unemployment fund? As I wrote in my introduction I live in Denmark the last two years, and I have the contract of my currently place. Could this be sufficient in order to prove my residence in Denmark these years, despite the fact it will expire when I will graduate?

4) Lastly, I am a greek citizen and I lived my whole life in Greece before my arrival in Denmark two years ago. Is there any way to prove my residence in Europe in order to fulfill this requirement, or A-kasse service may look at it?

Thank you so much in advance for your help and for your time!
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1) yes, if you are entitled to unemployment benefits (see below), then you can only start to receive benefits after 1 month quarantine, because you have not been member of a A-kasse as a student for at least 1 year.

2) I would definitely recommend MA A-kasse

3) The fact that you will move to a new address inside Denmark is no problem. As long as you are registered in the "Folkeregistret" with your new address, then the A-kasse will not ask for further proof/documentation. The A-kasse will be able to check if you are registered with a Danish address.

4) There are different ways that the A-kasse can get information/proof about your residence in EU (Greece). When you apply for unemployment benefits they will try to contact the public authority in Greece (assumed you have accepted that the A-kasse can do that). If they get the information from the Greece authority then everything should be fine.

If there for some reasons should be problems with getting the information from the Greece authorities, then you have the right to prove your residence in Greece by other ways. It could be with work-contracts, tenant-agreements etc.

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Anders Weber,

Hello again!

Thank you so much for your valuable help!

I would like to ask you something about the residence in EU, as it seems is the only part is unclear to me! So, before my arrival in Denmark, I made my bachelor in Greece and my degree can provide that. Do you think this would be sufficient to prove my residence in Greece? Because, I was living with my parents and I didn't work when I was in my bachelor studies.

However, parallel to my studies in Denmark, during the summer holidays, I worked in Greece for these 2 months period so for the last two years I have tax declaration in both countries. This happened because I was working in Denmark also in a part time job, during the semesters of my master. Do you think, this may be a problem in order to prove my residence in Denmark the last two years? As I wrote in my first message, I had a cpr number as I left only for summer periods!

Thank you in advnance for your time!
the residence requirement is a new rule that came into force from January 1, 2019, so we don't have very much knowledge about how the A-kasser will decide if you meet the residence requirement.

The fact that you have worked in both Greece (in summer holidays) and Denmark during the semesters, should not give problems, because its two EU-countries. As long as you can prove residence in Denmark or another EU-country it should be fine.
If you have worked in Greece you should have some proof for that. Payment notices etc.

To be honest I don't know if the A-kasse will accept documentation that you have completed bachelor in Greece, as enough to proove residence for that period in Greece.

First of all the A-kasse will start contacting the Greece authorities. I think even if you have stayed with your parents, you must be registered, but I can not tell how the registration is in Greece.

I think the thing you should do is to join a A-kasse now (its free until you graduate), and then ask them what kind of proof they need.

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