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I have one simple question.

I am registered in Danish a-kasser for a few months right now.  I am registered in Copenhagen, - I have and I will always have my address in Denmark. I am unemployed, I am getting unemployed benefits and I do not know when I will be employed. But I know the fact, that from January/February I am going to continue my studies and education further in Denmark. (AP degree --> bachelor)..

I want to ask if during the Christmas ( - Starting from December 24th -> ending  January 2nd - ) I could go down abroad to my home country, and not lose unemployment benefits?
Is there any opportunity for me to tell my a-kasser, that I go on holidays for a week during X-mas and new years?
What will they tell me?

will definitely wait for your respond!

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the public holidays are not used in the A-kasse system. This means that you also get paid unemployment benefits ("dagpenge") for public holidays, for example December 25, and January 1. However the cosequence is that you must be avilable for the labour market (i.e. seeking job), as you normally do when receiving dagpenge.

If you have holiday money on your "feriekonto" from earlier job, you can use them. Also when you are unemployed and receiving dagpenge, you save up right to have holiday. You save up 25 days if you have had a full year with dagpenge.

You will get the same in holiday benefits ("feriedagpenge"), as you get in normal dagpenge.

Check your feriekonto and ask your A-kasse if you have earned right to take some holiday.

If you do not have saved any right to holiday, then you can still take holiday, but in that case you will not get any money for the days you have holiday. The days will be deducted from your montly payment from the A-kasse, in the month where you have the holidays.

Always notify your A-kasse and Jobcenter 14 days before going on holiday.

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Anders Weber, www.a-kasser.dk

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