What could be the consequences of joining Akademikernes A-kasse?

Based on https://www.a-kasser.dk/akademikernes-a-kasse-reported-to-the-police/index.html , there are some irregularities with Akademikernes A-kasse. I would like to know whether there is a risk that I loose the insurance in case the situation continues. Also, what is the current state of the legal investigation?
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you are not in risk regarding your insurance. So you can be sure to get your unemployment benefits in case of unemployment. The unemployment benefits are guaranteed by the danish state.

However what we see as problem with Akademikernes is their perception of - and lack of respect for - their members. So I am not sure if you will get the best member service if you choose to join Akademikernes. It has been revealed in the case that they spend members' money on things that do not benefit members.

I think its a matter of how individuel people will judge it, so if you don't have problem with that, then you can sign Up with Akademikernes.

I can see that you have a MSc in Sustainable Energy, so it is correct that the most obvious A-kasse to choose would be Akademikernes.

But as long as you only want A-kasse, then you could with no problem choose another.

I am not aware of the current status of the legal investigation.

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Anders Weber, www.a-kasser.dk