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Hi,I am international student at AAU,I will be graduating in the end of June. I would like to ask,is with A-kasse necessary to find the work only in Denmark or it can be outside? Will I have to pay back the benefits then? What are the conditions? Thank you.
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The general rule when you want to have benefits (dagpnge) is that you should be able to take any job in Denmark from day to day.
And you will NOT be able to work in Denmark if you are in another country.

BUT there is a special rule for for EØS-citizens:

you dont' mention which country you are citizen from.
Because only if you are citizen from one of the EØS-countries you can have your benefits (dagpenge) for up to max. 3 months
with you if you want to go to another EØS-country to SEEK JOB.

Another important condition is that you have to be member of an A-kasse.

There are also other conditions. In general it is a little complex and out of the scope of our website.
So we will give you the advice to apply for membership of an A-kasse, and then ask your
A-kasse about what your rights are if you want to go to another country.

Hope it helps you..

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Dear Anders,

Thank you for your answer, it was helpful.

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