Can a student get a-kasse?

I am working part time and also studying. Am I entitled to get dagpenge if I stop working, but still continue studying? I am registered in a- kasse as a working person.
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no it is not possible to get dagpenge, while you at the same time are studying on a normal full time study.

It is due to the fact that an unemployed who receives dagpenge, must be avilable for the labour market - i.e. must be able to take a FULL time job with one day notice. This is not possible when you are studying.

If your study is only part-time (maximum 20 hours per week), AND you are not entitled to SU, then there could be an option to get dagpenge while studying. However if this is the case for you, we recommend to talk with your A-kasse about it.

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Anders Weber,
Thank you for your answer. In that case are there any other options in case I lose work? Because I have to survive somehow. And I still feel it is unfair to pay payment for a kasse, but then not to get any benefits when you lose the job. I am making payments as a workinh person, so my study life should not affect it, because it will be my problem how to balance new job with study schedule.
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according to the legislation on this topic, you are not regarded as available for the labour market if you are studying on a normal fulltime study. It dosen't matter if you can handle study and job together, because in relation to unemployment benefits you are considered not to be able to work (full time) together with study, and therefore you can not get dagpenge.

So its not possible here to say that it is your problem to balance work and study. The law have already decided that it is not possible to do both.

I assume you are receiving SU. If not then the only option (if you dont have any funds at all) will be to ask your kommune about "kontanthjælp". We do not give advice about kontanthjælp.