Should I join A-Kasse with my future visa?


I've just applied for Pay Limit Scheme visa recently and I'm most likely to get the visa by middle of September, which is valid from October.
I've been working in DK with my Trainee visa which is valid for 2 years, and it will be 2 years of my working period in DK by end of September 2019.
If I get the new visa with 4 years of validity, is it better to apply for A-Kasse membership from now on?
I just want to know how it works in my case.

I'm from South Korea, meaning that I'm from non-eu country.

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there are two main "problems" for you (non EU-citizen) with the danish A-kasse system.

  1. For being eligible for unemployment benefits ("dagpenge") you must meet the residence requirement. Read more about it here: As I can read it seems that you have only stayed in Denmark 2 years at this point. You will need to have stayed 7 years in Denmark before you can get unemployment benefits.
  2. For being eligible for dagpenge, you must be able to take ANY kind of job with one day notice. We are not experts in the different VISA Schemes, and you must ask others about what rights your VISA gives you. However when your VISA expires you do not legally have the right to stay in Denmark (and therefore you can not take a new job). Maybe your VISA includes a 6 months job-search period but this does not give you right to work (you must apply for a new visa if you find a new job).

So, I would not sign up now for A-kasse, if I was you. As the rules are now you should wait until you have stayed here 6 years. And also only if you are sure you can stay/work in Denmark if you loose your job. However, the current Government talk about that they will cancel/change the residence requirement, so I would recommend to follow our updates on our page about the residence requirement:

If the residence requirement will be changed/removed, it may be an option for you to consider A-kasse.

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Anders Weber,