Can I quit a part-time job being on A-kasse benefits?

I am on unemployment benefits. I found a part-time job. Can I quit the job by myself?  It was said to me that to quit the job by myself it is possible just one time....
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If you plan to go on supplementary unemployment benefits, then you can quit the (part-time) job your self without consequences in terms of quarantine, penalty or other (and continue on normal unemployment benefits), but only if you do it at the time the 30 weeks period with unemployment benefits expire. If this is the case for you we strongly recommend you to ask your a-kasse how you can quit job your self without negative consequences.

If you will not be on supplementary benefits, then it is correct that there is a rule saying that if you (as unemployed on dagpenge) quit a job yourself 2 times within 12 months, then you can only begin to receive unemployment benefits again after you have worked at least 300 hours within a period of 3 months, or you have an income of at least DKK 233.376 within 1 year (and at the same time not have received dagpenge during that year).

Let me know if you have further questions.

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Anders Weber,
Thanks for your reply. Have one more question related to your answer. What is this 30 weeks period? So, this means that I can get supplementary unemployment benefits just in this period? What happened if I will work just one day a month after this period, I will not receive any benefits?
Thanks in advance for your answer
The supplementary benefits is week-based, and you can receive supplementary benefits for maximum 30 weeks within the 2-year (104 weeks) dagpenge period.
All weeks with part-time job counts in the 30 weeks.

If you continue to work after you have used the 30 weeks, then you will not be able to get unemployment benefits anymore for weeks where you also work.

So if you have work in a week after the 30 weeks has expired,  then this week with work will be deducted in your dagpenge with 37 hours, regardless of how many hours you have worked in the week.
So for example 1 days work (after the supplementary benefits period has expired) will give you 37 hours less in dagpenge.

The other option would be to stop working after you have used the 30 weeks. As mentioned in my initial answer it will not give you quarantine, if you quit a job at the time the 30 weeks expires.

As a start of point you can maximum get supplementary benefits for 30 weeks. However there is an option to extend the period with 4 weeks for every month where you have had registered at least 146 hours work. This extension can be done 3 times so overall you can extend with 12 weeks.

Hope it is the last question :) My part time job is supposed to be 32 hours per week. So let say in October will be more than 4 weeks, and I will exceed 145 hours per month, that means I will not get supplementary benefits. Next month it will be less than 145 hours, I will get it? Are this month's weeks from October considered as 30 weeks period?
Thanks in advance for your assistance.
Hi, its fine. You are welcome to ask questions.

Unlike regular unemployment benefits, which is monthly based, supplementary benefits is weekly based.
This means that your A-kasse will look at how many hours you have worked in each week - and supplement with benefits up to 37 hours. This means that anything under 37 weekly working hours can be supplemented by unemployment benefit.

But note that the payout is done monthly. If you have worked so much that you can only have less than 14.8 hours of supplementary benefits (mening you have worked more than 145.53 hours, because a full moth is 160,33 hours), then you will not receive any payout in that month. The A-kasse only pays out benefits for more than 14,8 hours.
It also means that none of your weeks of work for that month will count towards the 30-week accounts for supplementary unemployment benefit.

So in your October you will not use any of your 30 weeks allowed with supplementary benefits.

Please get these things confirmed by your A-kasse also.

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