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I am master student and a member of min-Kasse.
I will defend my thesis on the 13rd September of this year. I have been registered in min-Kasse since the 12th August 2018. When I defend my thesis, I will be done with my studies because it is the only thing I need to complete the degree.

I would like to know if I can submit the forms to have for dagpenge on the day I am graduating, the 13rd september, and how long it will take to start receiving the benefits.

Thank you in advance.
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because you have been member for at least 1 year when you graduate then you will avoid the normal 1 month quarantine. So it is correct that you can apply for unemployment benefits on the 13rd September, and you will get paid starting from September 14.

And at the same time you should inform your A-kasse that you now have graduated and want to have your status changed from student to graduate.

Finally it is very important that you register as unemployed on (or go to your local Jobcenter to do it), also on September 13.

You will only get benefits from the day you are registered as unemployed on

You will receive your first payment on October 1, 2019.

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Anders Weber,
Thank you very much!
Can I apply for the jobcenter before I am graduated or it needs to be on the day I am graduated or within 14 days after?

you can only register as unemployed in Jobcenter ( from the day you actually are unemployed (this will be on the 13. or 14. september). You can not do it before and you can not do it after (the 14 days rule is only for A-kasse registration as a graduate).

You will only receive unemployment benefits from the day you are registered as unemployed at the Jobcenter/