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I am a newly graduated and I will receive unemployment from the first month. I am going to work part-time 8hours per week, therefore, I will receive the supplementary benefit ("supplerende dagpenge").
My question is about SKAT:
As far as I have understood, I am supposed to guess the supplementary benefit and include it in the a-kort or b-kort.
It should be 37h (weekly unemployment benefit) - 20h (my part-time employment) x hourly unemployment benefit = 'xxx' DKK.
Is it correct?

Thank you
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Despite that supplementary benefits is week-based, I will suggest to do this calculation on a monthly basis. Your are paid 160,33 hours unemployment benefits per month and from the 160,33 you must withdraw the hours you will work.

I am not sure how many hours you will work...but just withdraw the expected monthly working hours from the 160,33.

And when you have the number you can multiply with the hourly benefit amount.

Be aware that you can only get supplementary benefits for a maximum period of 30 weeks. So you can not made the calculation as mentioned above for a full tax year.

How you will calculate for the full year depends on what you expect will happen after the 30 weeks has expired.

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