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I graduated from a university in Denmark two months ago, and I applied to the a-kasse here since I have graduated. I am getting unemployment benefits right now here in Denmark, but I really want to know if I could go and look for a job abroad.

So yes, I am in CA a-kasse for 2 months right now.

Can I fill up the U2 form, and try to look job in the different country and still get unemployment benefits from danish a-kasse?

Do I need to have an address in Denmark while I am abroad?

Is there no problem for me to go search for job abroad, even though I am not a member in a-kasse for one year?

Waiting for the reply!

Thank you.


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no there should be no problems for you to use the 3 months jobserach rule.

You are already approved for unemployment benefits based on your education from University (graduate rule), so you do not need to be a member for 1 year.

So you have the same rights to use the 3 months jobserach rule as others on unemployment beneifts.

Therefore you must also meet the same requirements for using the 3 months rule. You can read about the requirements here:

You do not need to keep your address in Denmark, while you are looking for job in another EU-country.

And yes, you need to apply for a PD U2 form from your A-kasse.

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