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I have just graduated and registered as a new graduate at my a-kasse, but left for a holiday so I haven't registered as a job seeker at the jobcenter yet. I would like to go on a-kasse from August , but I have an internship opportunity overseas from December to February, and I wonder if I could go on an unpaid holiday for these 3 month and then come back to Denmark and receive a-kasse?
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yes, you can always say to the A-kasse, that you don't want to receive unemployment benefits ("dagpenge") for a given period. You must inform your A-kasse about holiday at latest 2 weeks before going on holiday. I am not sure if you need to unregister as unemployed at the Jobcenter, but try to ask them.

After your holiday you will go back and continue in the dagpenge-system from where you left. This means that you will have up to three years (from graduation) to use your 2 years (3.848 hours) with dagpenge.

Best regards,

Anders Weber,
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