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I was a master's degree student at the University of Southern Denmark and I graduated in January 2016. I was registered to Akademikernes A-Kasse but then I stopped my subscription because I found a job outside of Denmark. I was still coming very often to Denmark because my brother used to study and I had many friends as well.
However now I have returned back to Denmark and I would like to ask,
if I pay back the yearly subscriptions I should have being paying all these years, will it be possible to accept me as unemployed and therefore receive the unemployment benefit?

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no its not possible. When you cancel membership in an A-kasse, you always need to start all over again, if you later become member again. This means that you need to be member for 1 year before you can apply for unemployment benefits.

And it's nots possible to pay for membership "back in time".

However you are an eu-citizen, so if you have paid to unemployment insurance in another EU-country after you moved from Denmark then you will have the posibility to transfer your earned rights (membership period and registered working hours/income) from the unemployment insurance in the other EU-country to the danish A-kasse.

And because you have been member in a danish A-kasse within the last 5 years, then there will be no other requirements for being able to transfer your rights. You can read more about transfering rights between EU-countries here:


Let me know if you have further comments/questions.

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Anders Weber, www.a-kasser.dk