My job contract ends one month after my graduation

Hi. I'm graduating by the end of August and my job contract ends by the end of September. I was thinking to apply for A-Kasse right after my graduation as I haven't joined yet. Once I become unemployed, my plan is to search for a job in another country of the European Union. Would be possible to get the 3 months unemployment benefits while I'm outside Denmark? If yes,  what is the process I should follow once I graduate and I become unemployed? Thanks a lot!
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we have an article on our website about searching job in another EU-country while receiving unemployment benefits from Denmark.

In this article we tell all about the requirements and the process.

However you must be aware that its only possible to use the 3 month jobsearch rule, if you are an EU-citizen.

And furthermore you must meet the residence requirement, which means that you can only get dagpenge, if you have stayed in Denmark or EU (if you are an EU-citizen) for at least 5 out of the last 12 years.

As we tell in the mentioned article you must be registered as unemployed before you go to the other EU-country. For how long depends on whether its you own home country you go to (1 week registration as unemployed is required) or another EU-country (4 weeks of registration as unemployed is needed).

Because you have not been member of an A-kasse before now/your graduation, then you must accept a 1 month suspension with dagpenge. However if you travel to your home country the needed registration period as unemployed can be endured during the suspension period.

Finally you need to fill out a PD U2 document. You can get this from your A-kasse.

We recommend to get this confirmed by your own A-kasse, as soon as you become member of an A-kasse. It should be possible already to sign up as graduate now. It will be free of cost until you graduate.

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