Is it normal to not get any dagpenge for 2 months since end of employment?

I am a member of 3F A-kasse for 2 years, and since I quit my job back in May, the next day I registered with them as unemployed. I got to fill the forms regarding living in EU country for 5 out of 12 years with a small issue that I only lived in Denmark for 4.5 years. That means I needed documents from UK (where I lived just before moving here) to prove that I lived there for the remaining period of 0.5 year.

By now it has been 8 weeks, I have made multiple calls to my A-kasse but all they are saying is that their main office needs to confirm that I resided in EU country for that half a year (I provided multiple documents with my address as a proof, my social security number, etc).. Is that normal? They aren't offering any money at the moment, and living in Copenhagen for 2 months out of savings has really drained my wallet.
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the new residence requirement came into force from January 1, 2019, and according to the new rules the A-kasse can pay you unemployment benefits for 6 months, while the A-kasse collect documentation for your stay abroad in a country in the EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland (via forms to foreign authorities).

However this only applies if the A-kasse member can provide (other) unambiquous evidence of the stay in an other of the above mentioned countries. In your case from your stay in the UK. I would say a tenant-agreement could be a good proof.

However we can not say "what is normal" in this regard. The residence requirement has only been in effect for 6 months, and we need to see how the A-kasser will practise the new rule. And there will probably also be some complain cases that will tell us and others how the A-kasser must process the new requirement, for example about paying unemployment  benefits before your stay in another EU-country is confirmed by the foreign authorities.

So therefore I am not able to (at the moment) to say would should be considered as enough proof/evidence.

If you can not provide this other evidence/proof that satisfies 3F A-kasse, then your only chance would be to apply for an exemption from the Danish Agency Labor and recruitment ( for payment of unemployment benefits in the "waiting period".

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